Corvallis, Albany, Philomath Orchestra Musician Events



(It’s A Public Google Calendar To Reduce Overlapping Scheduling Between Adult Community Music Ensembles)

You can also subscribe to this google calendar by adding it directly to your existing google calendar as an overlay on your personal calendar. If you have an event you would like to add to this calendar or if you would like to be a co-editor of this calendar or if you need technical help adding this calendar to your existing google calendar, please email David Campbell for assistance (click on my name for my email or it’s david at trumpet dot bz – email has been deconstructed to reduce spam)

This schedule may or may not be updated directly by any of the event organizers whose information is presented and the information contained in the calendar may not be the most current information.

These are the ensembles whose calendars we have endeavored to merge into a single calendar.

1) Corvallis Community Band
2) Willamette Valley Symphony
3) OSU Symphony
4) Pit Orchestras for Majestic Theater & Corvallis HS Theater & Albany Civic Theater
5) EPIC Opera Orchestra
6) Chintimini Brass
7) Hilltop Big Band
8) Willamette Valley Concert Band
9) Salem Philharmonia

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